Certificate Maintenance Program

VRID is an RID approved sponsor for the Continued Maintenance Program.

CEU Processing is $10 per event for members $15 for organizational members, and $15 for non-members.

To request CEUs you will need to send the following documents as well as a copy of your $10 or $15 donation confirmation (https://www.vrid.org/donate/)  30 days (45 preferred) before your event in order to ensure we have time to process them. Once your request is approved, the CMP Administrators will follow up to provide the documentation needed after the event. *** All forms must be submitted as Word documents as a Google Doc. ***



Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity

Independent Study

Academic Coursework

  • 19-Academic Coursework Form fillable.docx
    • 1.5 CEU per semester credit and 1.0 CEU per quarter credit.
  • College or University Accreditation via screen shot of accreditation from CHEA.org
  • Transcript, official or unofficial, showing a "C" or higher for the course
  • Course Syllabus

For questions related to VRID's CMP Program or to submit CEU paperwork, please contact our CMP         Administrators: 

Workshops: Amanda Wharton 

Academic Coursework, Independent Study and PINRA: Erika Ziebart

Please visit RID's Certificate Maintenance Program website for more information regarding earning CEUs. 



Promoting an Activity:
It's important to include all the pertinent information about your activity when advertising and promoting your event.  Please include the following information when advertising for your event:

  • Number of CEUS Offered
  • CEU Category: Professional Studies or General Studies 
  • Instructional Level:  Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced or Teaching
  • Targeted Audience:  CMP participants, ACET participants or both
  • Indicate if Partial CEUs will be offered
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Reasonable Accommodations Policy

CEU Categories:

  • Professional Studies (PS):  Areas related to linguistic and cultural studies, including the study of any language or linguistic system, cultural studies, or the study of a specific culture.
  • General Studies (GS):   Areas that are less obviously related to the field of interpreting and transliterating, to include studies that are educationally beneficial to the CMP participant. General Studies may be related to Human Service and Leadership studies, i.e. Leadership Skills, Public Relations, Teaching, Public Speaking.

Instructional Levels:

  • Introductory:  This level of Continuing Education Activity assumes little or no information on the part of the participant within the areas covered so that the focus of the activity is upon general orientation and increased awareness.
  • Intermediate:  This level of Continuing Education Activity assumes the participant has a general familiarity with the literature and professional practice within the area covered so that the general focus of the Activity is upon increased understanding and application by the participant.
  • Advanced:  This level of Continuing Education Activity assumes thorough familiarity with current literature and professional practice within the area covered by the activity so that the focus is upon recent advances, future directions, and applications of research.
  • Teaching: This level of Continuing Education Activity assumes the participant will use the information to assist with teaching  interpreting or related topics.

For a more detailed overview of the content areas, see RID's content guidelines: Content Areas.pdf



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