Trix Bruce in Fairfax, VA - 2.4 CEUs available!

  • 27 Jul 2017
  • 29 Jul 2017

Trix Bruce is coming to Fairfax, Virginia ~ 2.4 RID CEUs available!

July 27, 2017 @ 9 am – 1 pm

 Medical Interpreting: How can I interpret that?  (NEW!)  Through many mentor sessions working with interpreters, I have kept notes to share. It's amazing to see how interpreters creatively face challenges as they translate from English to ASL. I treasure opportunities to help interpreters improve their visual thinking, which Deaf audiences appreciate.   My workshop offers a myriad of ways to make interpreting more visual. We will demonstrate how classifiers may be used most effectively to communicate specific information in medical interpreting situations. Broaden your understanding of visual interpreting techniques regarding anatomical and medical interpreting. Learn more about Deaf Culture. Visual clips, visual aids, analysis, current medical terminology, and outlines will be available. This workshop will focus on surgery procedures, medical tools, birth, and causes of injury, illness and conditions.   


July 27, 2017 @ 5 pm – 9 pm

Non-Manual Signals: ASL Markers (NEW!) This workshop has a focus on non-manual markers, which are not distinctive "hand signs" yet are essential language morphemes. Interpreters will analyze and apply these grammatical markers, which involve eye and head movements, facial movements and body postures rather than the use of "signs" as distinct lexical elements. Video clips and discussion will increase interpreters' confidence in the use of non-manual markers.  


July 28, 2017 @ 9 am – 1 pm

Terminology in Voice Interpreting (NEW!)  In interpreting work, choosing appropriate terminology is key. To assure that professional standards are maintained during meetings, conversations, and appointments, interpreters should match the speaker or signer’s register and tone, and be alert to the cultural nuances within both Deaf and hearing communities. Let’s work to develop a list of appropriate words and phrases that will fit various situations, and list words that are inappropriate for various situations.  


July 28, 2017 @ 5 pm – 9 pm

Interpreting Biology, Health, and Human Development Information (NEW!)   

Interpreting in classes such as anatomy, biology, health, child development and parenting can certainly be a challenge! Developing ASL visualization skills within these topics, this workshop will provide helpful interpreting demonstrations and practice exercises. Find out how scientific concepts expressed in English may be clarified visually and communicated in a timely and efficient manner. Interpreters can apply these visualization skills to many topics, bringing scientific discussions to life in ASL!


July 29, 2017 ~ Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

 ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: Whoa! Train Zoom Gone.  Did You See What She Signed? What did she mean by that and how can I say it in English?

English Equivalents help the student take signs that do not have just one translation in English and help the participant become aware of idiomatic English translations along with some technical vocabulary associated with particular signs.  English Equivalents in ASL will help you confidently continue the flow of information exchange from ASL to English and from English to ASL 

Video Clip Example of Lexical TH: Unstoppable

Video Clip Example of English Equivalents: Old Hat






Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cmpcropped(small)BIO: Patricia (Trix) Bruce, from Seattle, Washington, is known nationwide as both a workshop presenter and an American Sign Language performer. Trix's work has been warmly received everywhere, from local community centers, to state, regional and national conferences, Deaf Way II, interpreter conventions and more.  Wildly popular as a teacher of ASL storytelling and ASL interpretation, Trix impresses audiences at all levels of ASL skill, from novices to fluent experts. Trix has been profoundly deaf since she was 6 months old. She went through oral, mainstreaming, deaf classes, and online educational programs. Trix has been involved in the performing arts since 1980. After completing her college program, she became involved with interpreter training. Trix's main area of study has been ASL Linguistics with a focus on ASL Performance.  She has developed a popular website: Whether writing, creating, improvising or starring in her many productions, Trix's passion for the dramatic arts shines through. 



4 hour workshop:

$60 per participant 


Saturday-only workshop:

$120 per participant 


Limited Seating – registration open on a first come, first serve basis


SEND $ & your registration form TO: PayPal accepted; checks accepted - please make checks payable to Trix Bruce and send to: Trix Bruce, 1429 D Ave PMB 362, Snohomish, WA  


Please RSVP with payment. This will confirm your place in the workshop. CONTACT: by


RID CEUs:  Trix Bruce is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for all workshops: 0.4 for Medical Interpreting, 0.4 for ASL Markers, 0.4 Terminology in Voice Interpreting, 0.4 Health, and  0.8 RID CEUs English Equivalents at the Little/No to Some Content Knowledge Level


NOTES: Handouts will be provided.  The workshop will be presented in ASL. There will be a Door Prize!  For details on refunds, cancellations, and special accommodation policies, please send an email to 


My workshops benefit participants at all levels. Countless advanced interpreters have let me know that they enjoyed learning updated/new signs that they haven’t seen before, such as regional accents. They also loved it when I explained how to sign messages into ASL, rather than just signing in English word by word.  Interpreters appreciate that my workshops are excellent for review as well as for discovering new things that apply within the professional work environment. Students also mentioned that my workshops helped them to understand how to approach their own projects, research, and practice more effectively.


Book Trix Bruce ASL Performances Now! Enliven Your Special Event!  Trix Bruce is ASL entertainment extraordinaire! Her nationally-acclaimed presentation skills will inspire members of your organization and community. Trix will amaze and delight Deaf students and larger audiences with her popular and exciting shows! She is available to provide a fun performance show for your school or organization. To see samples of her work, find available times while she is in your town, and further information, visit Please contact Trix ( with any questions you may have.

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